Elegantly Plastered is owned and operated by Jonathon Thomas.  It is a business built on pride, quality and respect.

Pride – We take immense pride in everything we do, because we truly believe that if something is worth doing, there is absolutely only one option – do it with everything you have.

Quality – We have staked our reputation on quality. We are perfectionists – so there is only one way to do a job – with absolute attention to detail.

Respect – We respect your home or business as much as we respect our own.

Two Reasons to Get a Professional to do the job:

If you don’t follow the manufacturer’s specifications for the use of plasterboard, you void any warranties.

  • You are going to be looking at those walls and ceilings and cornices for a long time – it really pays to get it done right.

Why The Cheapest Quote is Not Always the Best:

  • There is a chance the person you’re getting the quote off isn’t even a qualified licensed tradesmen, ask to see their license.
  • In order to be cheaper then everyone else they’re most likely using inferior products, or cutting corners some other way or using unskilled workers.
  • They may just spend less time on the detail which is critical to a high level finish.
  • They may spend little or no time on cleaning your home after they’re finished their days work

Think carefully about who you’ll use and make your decision not based on price alone but on value for money. Ultimate value for money is when you get the whole package… a beautiful job where attention has been paid to detail,  a clean house after they finish, and a reasonable price tag.

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